How to choose a bottle warmer?

There are so many types of bottle warmers, how to choose a bottle warmer is also a knowledge. Mothers can choose the right type according to their personal needs, and buy one or two styles to prepare for emergencies. The following are the basic precautions for choosing a bottle warmer, which is applicable to all types of baby bottle Warmers on the market.

1. The inner cavity has a caliber greater than 7.5cm, which can put down a wide-mouth bottle;

2. The depth of the inner cavity is greater than 8cm, so that a large part of the bottle will not be exposed, which will cause rapid heat dissipation and cause the temperature to not rise;

3. The temperature control range is 40℃~100℃, low temperature is used to warm milk, medium temperature is used to heat rice paste, and high temperature is used to sterilize small items such as pacifiers;

4. The heating power is 110W. If the power is too small, it will not be possible to warm the milk, warm the milk, let alone heat the milk; too much power will easily deform and age the plastic shell, especially the electric heating wire ring heating structure used for a long time at 100 ℃ high temperature.

5. The electric heating body is open type to avoid the hidden type of dirt and dirt, and even the product cannot work normally due to excessively thick scale;

6. The exposed part of the electric heating element is stainless steel, and the aluminum material is easy to rust and perforate;

7. Double feeding bottle space, one for milk and the other for water, protect BB's mouth and esophagus;

8. With a small bowl and lid, it can heat the juice and rice paste required by BB in water;

9. Fully enclosed space, heat preservation and energy saving; with high temperature heating with reasonable heating power, it can realize milk bottle disinfection;

10. Timing control, no need to heat for a long time, ensuring food quality and saving electricity;

11. The area of ​​the electric heating body exceeds 50% of the bottom area, and the milk bottle can be completely enclosed in the milk warmer, which can realize the functions of water-free heat preservation and heating.