How to Conditioning the pre-pregnancy?

In the early stages of pregnancy, there will always be symptoms of one kind or another, because after all, this changes a person's physiology and changes the level of hormones in the body. So, in the face of these situations, what should we pay attention to in the early stage?

1. Pay attention to hydration and nutrition

First of all, morning sickness is a common symptom. Starting from about 2 months of pregnancy, mild to moderate nausea and occasional vomiting will occur, which generally do not affect the health of the baby. However, it should be noted that the condition of morning sickness can easily cause the pregnant mother to become dehydrated or eat too little, so it is necessary to replenish water in time and gain weight.

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2. Pay attention to mental state

The spirit of the pregnant mother is also very important. No matter what kind of discomfort appears in the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers must always maintain a happy spirit, stabilize their emotions, and not be nervous or anxious. In addition, as a family member, we must try to avoid all bad mental stimulation to pregnant mothers.

3. Pay attention to bath time

In the early stages of pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother is usually weak, so the bath time should not exceed 20 minutes. If the bath time is too long, the body will easily become too tired, causing dizziness and even collapse. Moreover, taking a bath for too long can also make the body cold.

4. Stay away from radiation

In the world we live in, there will be radiation all day long, including electronic products and advertising screens. But these little harms are not a big problem. In the early stages of pregnancy, the radiation that needs to be prevented is radiological examinations, such as X-rays. Also, it is not advisable to spend too much time watching TV or computer, or just buy a radiation-proof clothes and apron.

5. Avoid sex

In the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus is in an unsettled state, and AA is likely to cause miscarriage, so be careful not to perform AA as much as possible to avoid the possibility of miscarriage caused by uterine contractions.

Some of these precautions are very small things, but if you don't pay attention, they may cause big mistakes.

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