How to cool babies in summer?

After the child is born, parents must take care of the baby carefully, otherwise the child will easily get sick. In summer, babies sweat easily and may develop prickly heat, which can make the baby very uncomfortable, so parents should pay attention to cooling the child. So, what are the ways to cool babies in summer?

In summer, parents can lay straw mats or linen mats for the baby, which has a good cooling effect and can make the child feel cool. However, parents should be aware that the mat may breed mites, so it should be scalded with boiling water before use, and scrubbed every day.

It is also a good way to cool your child in a warm bath when it is hot, which can take away the heat from your child's body. In addition, parents can also take their children to swim, which can not only cool down the temperature, but also allow the baby to exercise, which is simply killing two birds with one stone.

After the summer, many families will turn on the air conditioner, which is also a common way to cool the baby. But it is best not to set the temperature too low, and the wind can not blow the child directly, otherwise it will be easy for the baby to catch cold and get sick. Therefore, whether it is an air conditioner or a fan, it should be blown at the wall. When the baby sleeps at night, the indoor temperature should not be too low, it is best to keep it at 27-28 degrees, which is the most suitable temperature for the baby.