How to eat mushy complementary food?

To add complementary foods to babies, start with pasty complementary foods. Pasty complementary foods are easy to eat and swallow, and easy to digest. They are the baby's starting complementary food, but when eating pasty complementary foods, parents should pay attention to two points: the baby's mouth opening and adaptability. Only by eating mushy complementary food can the baby adapt to other solid foods.

Exercise the baby's mouth opening and swallowing ability

During the first two months of adding complementary foods, babies generally eat mushy complementary foods. But don’t think it’s easy for babies to eat mushy food supplements. In fact, babies are born with only sucking movements, not chewing up and down. When the baby starts to come into contact with the paste-like complementary food, he will try his lips to eat the food, which is called the lip-eating period. When food enters the mouth from the lips, the tongue will use the action of the tongue to eat, and finally eat under the action of the gums. It is necessary to give the baby a period of time to practice opening and swallowing food. There is no need to increase the food particles, so as not to increase the difficulty of eating.

Some tips on the processing of mushy complementary food

When processing complementary foods, the food must be processed to a pure paste so that the baby can absorb and digest it. But sometimes I feel that it takes too much effort to make the food too delicate, so I might as well use some tricks.

1. Occasionally, you can use processed bottled paste foods on the market, such as apples, carrots, etc., and the nutritional value is not bad.

2. A good helper for microwave ovens and baby food maker to make complementary foods. Fruits and vegetables can all be made into a paste with a blender!