How to ensure the smooth progress of breastfeeding?

It is the mother's duty to feed her own baby with "breast milk", and breast milk is the best natural food for babies. We are familiar with the benefits of breastfeeding to young babies, but most of us don't know that breastfeeding also brings great benefits to mothers.

The baby’s sucking process reflexively promotes the secretion of the mother’s oxytocin and promotes the contraction of the mother’s uterus, which can make the postpartum uterus recover as soon as possible, thereby reducing postpartum complications. It is beneficial to consume the fat accumulated in the body during pregnancy and promote the recovery of the mother's body.

A recent Swedish study pointed out that because a substance in breast milk can prevent cancer, mothers should breastfeed their babies.

Breast milk provides adolescents with natural immunity, and there is a substance called "human anti-cancer alpha lactalbumin" (hamlet), which can also be used to treat adults with cancer. Tests have shown that this substance can kill 40 different cancer cells without causing the various side effects of current chemotherapy.

Although experts point out that this treatment is temporarily limited, and the medical use of breast milk needs to be further developed, it also shows that breastfeeding has incomparable benefits with artificial feeding. Since breastfeeding has many benefits, how can mothers ensure successful breastfeeding?

Pay attention to prenatal preparation

From 3 to 4 weeks of pregnancy, due to hormone endocrine changes, breast enlargement, mammary gland hyperplasia, and milk droplets gather, all of which prepare for postpartum lactation. But to make the mammary glands produce lactation, it depends on the prolactin secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. And oxytocin secreted by the posterior pituitary gland. When the secreted prolactin and oxytocin reach a certain amount, milk is secreted from the nipple in the mammary gland. The secretion of prolactin is highest during sleep, so women before and after childbirth should have enough sleep. In addition, from the 8th month of pregnancy, pregnant women can perform breast and nipple massage to enhance the blood circulation of the breast, which not only helps the breast and nipple mature, but also prevents nipple chapped caused by postpartum breastfeeding, and can also reflect Sex causes the pituitary gland to secrete more prolactin and oxytocin, increasing postpartum lactation.

The focus of prenatal preparations is the massage of the nipple. For 7 to 8 months of pregnancy, you should gently scrub the nipple with a small towel dipped in warm water every day, 10 to 20 times a day. If you have sunken or flat nipples, try to pull them out slowly. At 8 months, milk can be expressed from the areola to the nipple. If the yellow liquid is squeezed out, its composition is the same as the colostrum of the baby in the first 5 days after birth. In this way, the milk duct is unobstructed, and after the baby is born, It is easy to suck. If there is no such preparation before delivery, the nipples of the baby will be chapped when sucking, and the mother will feel very painful.

Start milk as soon as possible after childbirth

The postpartum baby sucking the nipple can stimulate the secretion of prolactin and oxytocin, which is beneficial to increase lactation. The earlier the milk is opened, the secretion of prolactin and oxytocin will increase, and lactation will also increase. The traditional hospital practice is to separate the mother from the newborn after childbirth. Delaying the start of milk is not conducive to postpartum lactation. This may become one of the reasons for postpartum lactation in modern women. In recent years, some hospitals have implemented the familyization of postpartum life, allowing newborns to live in the same room with the parturients, and start milking as soon as possible after delivery. Practice has proved that the milk production of the parturients has increased significantly.

Every time you suck milk

When a parturient is feeding a baby, first suck one breast empty, and then suck the other side. If the baby can't suck enough, use a Electric Breast Pump to suck up the milk. When the breast is full, even if the baby does not take milk, the milk should be sucked, otherwise it is not conducive to the secretion of the breast, and it is easy to block the breast duct and cause mastitis. Moreover, breast milk is different from other things in that it does not accumulate more and more, but it must be completely emptied each time to produce more milk.

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Increase maternal nutrition

The secretion of milk requires sufficient nutrition and water, otherwise it will affect the quality and quantity of milk, so mothers should pay special attention to diet and nutrition. In particular, ensure that the food has high-quality protein, sufficient heat, rich vitamins, calcium, iron and other minerals. Parturient women should not be picky eaters or partial eclipses. They should not only eat more fish, meat, poultry, eggs, dairy products and soy products, but also eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Drink plenty of soup, especially breastfeeding women who are engaged in physical labor during the summer season, and they should pay more attention to supplementing water, otherwise the milk is too thick and harmful to the baby's digestion and absorption. Do not drink large amounts of malted milk extract, because it contains malt, which has the effect of milk recovery. Fatty and fatty foods should not be eaten too much. If you eat too much fatty foods, mothers will get fat more easily, but the milk will decrease. Where conditions permit, mothers can buy fresh milk to drink every day.

In reality the "encounter" between breastfeeding and the elderly

Sometimes mothers have tried their best to breastfeed their babies, but often due to some external factors, their determination is oppressed. The biggest disturbance and pressure come from family members who have a deep misunderstanding of breastfeeding or doctors with aging knowledge. There is a tradition in China for the elderly to help take care of the third generation. For the care of newborn babies, feeding is the most important activity content. However, if the mother chooses to breastfeed, each feeding only requires the participation of the baby's mother, which will inevitably exclude others. Some elderly people feel that they are "heroes useless" and feel uneasy and anxious. Therefore, they will grasp the difficulties and problems that arise from the beginning of breastfeeding, intentionally or unconsciously exaggerate them, and try to block mothers from making efforts in breastfeeding. In addition, because novice mothers are inexperienced, they tend to listen to the old ideas of some elderly people. For example, a mother told me that she didn't want to add milk powder to her children, and the elderly in the family accused her of "hungry and intestines". This is a kind of unscientific argument, but it will generate enough pressure to make the mother succumb. The old people's remarks will make mothers feel anxious, and the hormones produced by this anxiety will cause the mother's body to secrete plenty of milk. The more worried, anxious, and guilty mothers, the more difficult it is to secrete milk. Breast milk is the most innocent, but the most wronged. People's prejudice against breast milk is very serious. No matter what kind of problems a child has, people must first blame breast milk.