How to express milk with a milking machine?


There are many milk products on the market, but most mothers find it convenient and easy to squeeze with their own hands. How to squeeze by hand? Wash your hands first and prepare a sterile container. Put your thumb on top of the areola (the dark area), put the other four fingers underneath and support the breast, and hold it into a C shape. Use our body to make a regular squeeze and release movement. When squeezing, the fingers Do not slide, so as to avoid rubbing the skin and swelling around the breast, so that all the milk can be squeezed out, so squeeze for 3 to 5 minutes on one side, then squeeze for 3 to 5 minutes on the other side, and so alternately.

Don't be discouraged because breast milk is squeezed less at the beginning. If you practice more, your mother can squeeze several ounces in 15 minutes, and the amount you squeeze may not be the same every time. The mother can practice before going back to work, store the milk in the freezer, and let the baby-sitter feed him.

With a milking machine

Use the Electric Breast Pump in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. It is necessary to clean and sterilize every day. It is best to consult an experienced mother before buying to see which one is more ideal. The International Breast Milk Association does not recommend a milking machine with a rubber ball, because this type of milking machine does not exert enough force. Operation, and the effect of breast pumping is not good.

automatic breast sucker

Before using the milking machine to express the milk, the first breast massage is helpful to the milking. During the massage, massage from the periphery of the breast to the nipple direction with a small circle rotation, and then gently rub the nipple with the thumb and index finger, so that at the same time Helps to express milk by hand.