How to feed the baby and help the nanny breastfeed

Don’t rush to give your baby a bottle in the first few weeks just because you are going back to work. Some babies know that their mother is nearby and don’t want to take a bottle, but when the mother is away, he or she can naturally get from the babysitter. Accept baby bottles. If your child doesn't want to suck the bottle, you can temporarily use the cup as a feeder. So it’s best to get the babysitter to get along with the baby before you go to work, and make the babysitter try to bottle-feed your baby before you actually start to work. Explain to the babysitter that it will take a while for your baby to receive bottle feeding.

What can you do if your baby is unwilling to suck a bottle?

1. Use a bottle to feed the baby before it is hungry.

2. When feeding with a bottle, wrap the baby with mother's clothes.

3. Do not put the bottle mouth into the baby's mouth. Put the mouth of the bottle aside, let the child find the mouth of the bottle by himself, and take the initiative to put it in the mouth.

4. Try to rinse the mouth of the bottle with warm water to make it close to the body temperature.

5. Let the baby try out pacifiers of different shapes, sizes and materials, and adjust the size of the pacifier hole.

6. Try to feed the baby in different positions. Some babies like to raise their feet when they eat a bottle; some don’t like looking at the baby’s face, and prefer to suck the bottle with their back facing the baby’s breast.

7. Try to hug him, shake him, walk around, etc. to calm him down.

8. When the child is asleep, put the bottle in his mouth.

9. Continue to try, but when the child still refuses to take the bottle, use a cup, spoon or dropper to feed it.

Help the nanny breastfeed

You must let the nanny know that you want to breastfeed your child, and you should have common knowledge about breastfeeding. Make sure that the nanny knows that you don't want your child to eat formula milk or other things without your permission.

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The nanny must hold your baby and feed the breast milk you left behind. Instead of putting him on the bed and letting him cry.

Breast milk will settle after being iced, so it must be shaken gently. If breast milk is iced in one sachet by sachet, it can be mixed together when eating.

To warm breast milk, rinse it with running warm water for a few minutes to bring it to room temperature. Do not heat it directly on the stove or in the microwave, so that the temperature is too high to destroy the nutrients.

The melted and frozen breast milk must be put into running cold water, and hot water is added successively until it dissolves to the same temperature as the outdoor temperature. If two or three bags are warm, they can be mixed and eaten.

Make sure all bottles, pacifiers, and spoons are clean.

Divide breast milk into small amounts, the best capacity is about 60 to 120cc. Allow the nanny to prepare according to the amount of milk the baby needs. Generally, children who eat formula milk are used to eating the same amount each time, but children who eat breastmilk change their tastes from time to time. If the child feels hungry after taking milk, the nanny can warm a small amount of breast milk to feed him.

If the baby is hungry before the mother comes home, feed him a bit first, and then he can feed him personally when the mother comes back.

Warm milk cannot be frozen again. If there is a power failure, eat or throw away the milk in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

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