How to help the baby through the birth recognition period?

When the baby is 4 months old, the child who used to laugh when he saw the stranger began to recognize the birth. First, he stared at the stranger and started to cry. So what to do when the baby recognizes birth? How to help the baby through the birth recognition period?

Mothers should not be surprised, this is the normal developmental stage for the baby, but some babies are not obvious.

So why does the baby recognize birth?

The birth of a child generally starts around April, and the most serious one is when the child is one year old. Because the baby's vision and hearing have improved greatly from the fourth month, and he has the ability to recognize relatives and outsiders. Babies begin to rely on their parents, and become wary and afraid of strangers.

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3 types of babies love to admit birth

1. Introverted and quiet babies are easier to recognize than lively children.

2. Mothers rarely take their children to participate in group activities, and babies are easier to recognize.

3. Fear of specific groups of people, such as doctors, nurses, etc.

How to spend the birth recognition period with your baby

First of all, we must give the child enough sense of security and not be separated from the child for too long.

Secondly, don't over-protect the child. The mother should guide the child to familiarize himself with the people around him and slowly approach strangers.

Finally, mothers can take the children to the places where the baby gathers and let the baby get in touch with other people. This will help the baby eliminate the timidity and help the child become cheerful.

Before the baby starts to recognize the birth, the mother should take the baby to the crowded places and get in touch with all kinds of people. The child has entered the birth recognition period, do not force the child to communicate with people around, let the child slowly adapt. Mom can invite some friends to play more at home, which can eliminate the fear of the child and gradually adapt.

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