How to increase baby's interest in stories?

1. Task assignment method

Give your child some tasks in advance. For example, let the children remember the general plot of the story, the character of the protagonist, etc. Gradually let the baby focus not only because of interest, but also because of some needs. Make your baby learn to concentrate consciously.

2. Ingenious questioning method

In the storytelling, questions are constantly raised, so that the baby is not only passively listening, but also actively thinking about the content. Let the baby understand the problem within the scope of his own ability and cognition, avoid being too difficult, and learn to use his brain to find the answer.

3. Encourage questioning

The problem is the mother of thinking. Not only should parents not be bored with the baby’s questions, but they should also continue to encourage praise questions and inspire their children to answer. Parents can even tell their children how to solve problems, such as guiding them to answer them by themselves by checking information and doing experiments.


4. Retelling method

To tell the whole story, let the baby retell the whole story. This will not only exercise the baby's memory, but also make the baby better at expressing himself orally, and also make the child's thinking more complete and rigorous.

5. Acting method

Telling stories is not as good as "acting" stories. Mothers can use props, change the voice tone and other methods to vividly reproduce the content of the story, make the baby happier when listening to the story, and make the baby better understand the content.

6. Connection method

At the end of the story, the baby sometimes asks "What will happen later". At this time, the mother should not give the answer directly, but should stimulate the baby's imagination and let the baby continue to the end.

7. Dubbing method

There will be a lot of background sounds in the story, such as: door opening, door bell, puppies barking, you can let the baby match these sounds and tell the story with the mother. It not only helps children understand the plot of the story, but also exercises the children's language diversity, which is entertaining and entertaining.

How to choose a story for your baby?

There are many story books, how to choose the right story book for your baby? Parents need to study hard.

1. Look at the picture and recognize the object book

The pictures are colorful, rich in vision, and interesting in plot, which can cultivate the baby's imagination and is a good choice for the baby's intellectual development. And many children like to listen to stories and read pictures at the same time, so they can understand them more thoroughly.

2. Nursery rhymes

Tong Yao or nursery rhymes can effectively exercise children's language ability, and the form of singing and dancing can also attract children's attention.

3. It's a good story that suits you

The bedtime story should also be based on the baby's personality characteristics, and usually choose the story content that matches the child's preferences. Personalized speaking and reading can arouse the baby's interest and attract the baby to listen patiently, so that the baby's memory, logic, imagination and other abilities can be exercised.

4. Story projects reality

Combining the storyline with reality, and turning the story into the guidance and attention of real life at the same time, will make the baby feel that listening to the story is meaningful and play the benefit of a virtuous circle. For example, when you see little tadpoles, you might as well ask your baby: "My dear, you see these tadpoles swim so anxiously, did you go to your mother?"

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