How to maintain and maintain the UV sterilizer

Ultraviolet disinfection technology has been discovered and applied in the last century. Ultraviolet rays use high-purity quartz tubes as sleeves and high-performance quartz ultraviolet low-pressure mercury disinfection lamps, which can damage the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms and cause death. Designed, the ultraviolet sterilizer has the characteristics of strong sterilization ability, long service life and stable operation. So how to maintain and maintain the UV sterilizer when it is used?

1. Replacement of the lamp: the lamp should be replaced immediately when it is continuously used for about 9000 hours to ensure the sterilization effect. When replacing, turn off the power first, take out the lamp tube, and then carefully put the new lamp tube into the sterilizer, install the sealing ring, and power on without water leakage. It should be noted that do not touch the quartz glass of the new lamp with your fingers, otherwise it will affect the effect of sterilization due to stains.

UV light sterilizer

2. Check regularly to ensure the normal operation of the ultraviolet sterilization device. The UV lamp should be turned on continuously, and repeated switching on and off will affect the service life of the lamp.

3. Regular cleaning: UV lamps and quartz glass sleeves need to be cleaned regularly. Wipe the lamps with alcohol cotton balls to remove dirt on the sleeves, so as not to affect the transmittance of ultraviolet rays and the sterilization effect.

4. Prevention of ultraviolet radiation: Ultraviolet rays have strong sterilization ability, but they also have certain harm to the human body. When starting the ultraviolet germicidal uv lamp, avoid exposure to the human body, use protective glasses when necessary, and remember not to use the eyes directly Face the light source so as not to damage the eye mask.

5. The use condition of the ultraviolet sterilizer is that the water temperature is between 5 and 80 degrees Celsius.

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