How to make babies fall in love with eating fruits?

Fruits are rich in vitamins, which are very good for human health. Children also need to eat more fruits to supplement nutrients. So what should I do if many babies do not like eating fruits? How to make babies fall in love with eating fruits?

What is the reason why babies don't like fruits?

It is quite normal for babies not to eat fruits. In fact, many babies do not like to eat fruits. Parents must pay attention to this situation. In fact, children do not like fruits and parents have a great relationship. For example, Parents will force their children to eat fruits, which will easily arouse their children’s rebellious psychology. Therefore, parents should never force their children to eat fruits. Yes, so parents can prepare the fruit every day before giving it to their children.

In addition to the parents’ compulsion to cause rebellious psychology and the children’s dislike of eating fruits, the children will not like to eat fruits. If the fruits are too consistent, the children will not like to eat fruits. Therefore, parents can do more tricks, such as changing the baby’s Fruits are arranged in a variety of beautiful shapes, which can increase the interest of eating fruits, and the baby will also like to eat fruits. At the same time, it is best for parents to exchange different fruits for the baby every day, so that it can solve the baby’s dislike The problem of eating fruits, in addition, parents can also mix various fruits together to squeeze orange juice for the baby to drink, so that the baby can absorb a variety of nutrients at the same time, and the baby will not be so repulsive to eat fruit.

What nutrition will the baby lack if he doesn't like to eat fruits?

Babies don't like to eat fruits and be careful of iron deficiency, which can cause iron deficiency anemia. Because fruits are rich in vitamin C, citric acid and malic acid. Acidic substances can form complexes with iron, thereby increasing the solubility of iron in the intestinal tract and facilitating iron absorption.


How to make babies fall in love with eating fruits?

First: don't force

Usually babies have a "rebellious" mentality. The more the parents are forced, the more disgusted the child is, and the more "reverse" it is against you. Therefore, parents should try their best to create a relaxed atmosphere for their children to eat fruits. Fruits are something to enjoy, not to be "forced to eat". For example: lead by example and tempt children to "take the bait."

Second: Think hard

Babies don’t like to eat fruits. A large part of the reason is that they are “unwilling to chew”. Parents can grind the fruit into puree, so that the baby will slowly transition from puree to directly eating fruit, or take fresh and delicious fruits. "Gorgeous Transformation", the baby may immediately become interested.

Third: not hurt

Some babies do not eat fruits because the stomach is "requisitioned" and the spleen and stomach is poorly mobilized, and there is no extra "energy" and "space" to accommodate it. Parents can often give their children some double oligomeric whey to regulate the spleen and stomach. Strengthen the digestion and absorption capacity of the intestines and stomach to ensure that the baby's spleen and stomach are not injured, and health is not injured.

Fourth: be patient

Many children chew certain foods at the beginning, but it does not mean that they will always refuse. This requires parents to have enough patience and keep trying to feed their children with fruit.

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