How to prevent and deal with infant rhinitis?

The weather is easy to be dry and windy in spring, which to a certain extent is very easy to cause the baby to develop rhinitis, and rhinitis is the most likely to cause the baby to breathe differently during sleep, snoring, shortness of breath, affecting the respiratory tract, etc. . For babies, the problem of rhinitis can be big or small, and as a parent, you must not ignore it!

Parents should pay attention to children with these characteristics

Many newborns and young babies have nasal congestion caused by blockage of nasal secretions. Therefore, the key to prevention is to pay attention to the hygiene of the child's nasal cavity and not to buckle the nose. At the same time, keep indoor ventilation to avoid allergens.

At the same time, it is recommended that parents keep a hygrometer at home to determine whether the humidity is between 50-60 degrees. If it is too dry, add a humidifier to keep the child's nose humidity.

When it is found that the baby has rhinitis, it is best not to take the "cold medicine" immediately. You can use a hot towel to apply the nasal root, saline spray or a little nasal spray to treat nasal congestion.

If there is obvious obstruction of secretions, you can apply heat, spray with salt water to soften it, and use a nasal aspirator to expel the secretions. If it is accompanied by mucosal swelling, of course, it is best to take the baby to see a doctor when you find that your baby has symptoms! Only in this way can we make the most accurate diagnosis!

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