How to remove the smell of baby food supplement meat mud?

With the gradual growth of the baby's growth and development, breast milk can no longer meet the nutritional needs of the baby's body, so it is necessary to supplement the baby's body nutrition through complementary foods. Baby's complementary food must not only taste delicious, but also contain relatively high nutrition. So, how to remove the fishy odor of baby food supplement meat mud?

One is heating to remove fishy. The food with fish has a low boiling point and can be heated to remove fishy. If some fishy foods have a higher boiling point, the heating time will be longer. For example, cooking methods such as roasting, stewing, simmering, and simmering can make food volatilize its fishy taste in hot oil. Many fishy foods are water-soluble. These foods can be boiled in boiling water before being cooked.

The second is to neutralize and remove fishy. Many animal foods contain large amounts of lecithin, protein, amino acids and other nutrients. Due to food bacteria and environmental impact, a lot of fishy substances will be produced. When cooking, after adding vinegar to neutralize it, the fishy smell will be reduced.

The third is to add seasonings to make fishy foods. You can add ginger shreds to remove fishy. When mothers try meat foods for their babies, they should start with pork or chicken, because these two kinds of meat are not easy to make babies allergic. It is better to add meat puree to the baby, it is best to add only one kind. Add another one after the baby adapts, otherwise it will cause the baby's digestive dysfunction and stomach upset.

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