How to replenish blood after childbirth?

People often use Face Color to describe a person's good health. Good complexion, in fact, is full of blood. If you have enough energy and blood, your spirits are better, and people appear to be energetic, like a pale-faced person, it is very likely that it is because of anemia. Pregnant women have already consumed a lot of nutrition during pregnancy, and blood loss during childbirth is even worse. If you want your body to recover quickly, you must replenish blood. To replenish blood and regulate the body, mainly from four aspects:

One is diet, a balanced diet, eat more nourishing foods

The second is to pay attention to work and rest. New mothers are weak after giving birth, and taking care of the baby takes energy, so rest is very important. After giving birth, pregnant women must ensure adequate sleep and regular schedules. The body will recover quickly

The third is to exercise properly. The older generation believe that you should stay in bed during confinement and it is best not to do anything. This approach is actually wrong. Doing some relaxing exercises can help mothers recover as soon as possible after delivery.

The fourth is to keep a happy mood. Poor physical condition, the baby's crying from time to time, etc., will cause the mother to have negative emotions, which can easily cause depression over time. Depression is a chronic poison, which is very unfavorable to the recovery of the mother's blood. Therefore, you must pay attention to maintaining a positive and happy mentality after childbirth in order to better blood supply!

Can you eat donkey-hide gelatin for blood enrichment after childbirth?

When it comes to replenishing blood, don't avoid mentioning donkey-hide gelatin. The main raw material of Ejiao is donkey skin, which is a traditional nourishing and blood tonic. Many people with anemia or after surgery will consume donkey-hide gelatin to treat their bodies. Although Ejiao is a tonic, it is also a blind medicinal material. New mothers have to breastfeed their babies after delivery. Can they eat Ejiao for blood enrichment after childbirth?

The answer is yes. As a traditional supplement, donkey-hide gelatin is rich in many nutrients needed by the human body, such as protein, amino acids, and trace elements. For parturients who lost a lot of blood during childbirth, it is a food with obvious blood-replenishing effect. Eating donkey-hide gelatin during confinement can promote the postpartum recovery of the parturient.

It is better to eat donkey-hide gelatin for supplementing blood after childbirth and cooking with other foods. Ejiao sea cucumber porridge, Ejiao wolfberry chicken, Ejiao lotus seed porridge, Ejiao onion white honey drink, etc. are several Ejiao recipes that coexist with taste and nutrition. However, it should be noted that donkey-hide gelatin is very nourishing. Even for women with weak postpartum health, they should not consume too much, just two to three times a week.