How to stop hiccups quickly?

Hold the baby upright appropriately

After feeding, you can hold your baby upright and pat his back gently to help the baby expel the air in the stomach. You can also gently rub your baby's abdomen to help exhaust. Or let the baby lie on the bed with a small pillow that is not too high, and then put the baby's hands behind his head, which can quickly eliminate hiccups.

Tickle your baby

Pick up the baby and use the tip of one hand to gently scratch the mouth or ears of the baby. Generally, the hiccups will disappear naturally when the baby cries. Because the baby’s ears and mouth nerves are more sensitive, itching can relax the nerves and the hiccups will disappear.

Feed warm water

If the baby suddenly starts to hiccup when laughing or crying loudly, the hiccups are louder and continuous, usually caused by inhaling cold air. At this time, you can drink some warm water for the baby, and at the same time do a good job of keeping the chest and abdomen warm, the general hiccups will stop.


The mother can use the middle finger and thumb to gently rub the inner and outer acupoints for the baby. When the baby feels the stimulation of the acupuncture points, he usually does not hiccup.

The Neiguan point is generally located at the three-finger width upwards from the transverse wrist line and the middle of the palm side of the forearm; while the Waiguan point is located at the three-finger width upwards from the wrist transverse line and the middle position of the back of the forearm. It should be noted that the width of the "three fingers" varies from person to person. In other words, when looking for acupuncture points for an adult, use the adult's finger to measure; when looking for a baby's acupuncture point, use the baby's finger to measure.

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