How to take off the diaper to train the baby to urinate and defecate independently?

Many parents don’t know when the baby can take off the diaper. Under normal circumstances, the baby can be trained when he is two years old. Continue to use it and wait until the baby can fully control his bowel movements on his own, and then try to take off his diapers.

Because babies are around 2 years old, their ability to control their bowels and bowels will increase. However, the development of each child is different, and parents need to judge according to the actual situation. The prerequisite for autonomous defecation is that the baby can perceive whether he needs to defecate, so if the baby cannot perceive whether he wants to defecate, then toilet training will not work, but will prolong the time of using diapers.

Studies have found that when a baby undergoes toilet training before one and a half years old, he will completely say goodbye to diapers when he is about 4 years old; if a baby undergoes toilet training at the age of one and a half to two years old, he will be able to say goodbye to diapers completely when he is about 3 years old. .

What is the performance of the baby being able to urinate and urinate autonomously?

(1) He has obvious bowel movements, and his expression will be obviously different before he urinates.

(2) The diapers can stay dry for 3 to 6 hours, indicating that the baby's ability to control urine and bowel is improving.

(3) Able to follow the instructions of parents, go to the toilet or designated place to urinate.

(4) After every bowel movement, the dirty diapers are torn off from the body.

When the baby exhibits the above behaviors, parents can start training the baby!

As babies grow up, their autonomy will gradually strengthen, so parents only need to provide correct guidance. Parents must be patient when the baby practices to go to the toilet. When the baby accidentally urinates on the pants or bed, parents should not blame it, because this is the only way for the baby to grow up. With the correct guidance, the baby will soon say goodbye to diapers.