How to train children to eat with a spoon?

Training babies to eat independently requires a gradual process. From the beginning of eating with hands, to the use of spoons and finally slowly learning to use chopsticks, how much can a baby eat with a spoon? How to train children to eat with a spoon?

How old can a baby eat with a spoon?

1. The baby is about 8 months old: You can prepare some finger food and fruit slices for the baby, and guide the baby to try to eat with his hands. It can not only cultivate the baby's interest and cognition of food, but also exercise the baby's fine hand movements and chewing Ability to swallow.

2. Babies are about 10 months old: Encourage eating by hand, and gradually transition from "playing" spoons to "using" spoons. You can prepare your own spoon for your baby, guide your baby to explore and play, become interested in the spoon, and bring your baby a bib to encourage independent eating.

3. The baby is about 12 months old: the hand strength and hand-eye coordination are better, and they basically have the ability to eat independently with their hands and spoons.


How to train children to eat with a spoon

1. Use a suitable spoon for your baby.

Babies can use spoons: you can feed yourself with your fingers. When the baby has the behavior of reaching out to grab the spoon, it is the best opportunity to start introducing the spoon.

At this time, you can give him the same spoon and let him experience it for himself. Don't worry at the beginning, you can let the child play by himself, if you are feeding, you can continue to feed, the purpose is to let her slowly establish a connection between the spoon and the meal.

Why is it recommended to use the same spoon? Because using the same spoon can motivate children, imitate adults, and make them feel: "It turns out that I do the same things as my parents, so cool!"

2. Help your baby strengthen the ability to eat with a spoon

Once you find that your child is grabbing utensils, you can teach your baby to take a spoon and dip it in the food or scoop a spoonful of food, so that they can taste the taste, and further strengthen the relationship between the spoon and eating.

And when you find that your baby can grab the spoon and put it in his mouth, then you can give the baby a bowl. Maybe a lot of mothers will say when they see this, it won't work. The bowl given by my family will definitely be thrown away. Will it be thrown? It will definitely be thrown, but if you don't give it, the child will not be able to learn it without experience. It's that simple.

Suction cup bowls are a good choice to prevent children from throwing bowls. At the beginning, you can put a little less food in the bowl for the baby (even if the disaster site is spilled, it will not be very serious), and then you can continue to feed the baby, but at the same time, you can let the baby experience taking the spoon to scoop the food in the bowl.

Some babies can scoop up food into their mouths with a spoon at the beginning. Some babies need some help. You can let the baby hold the spoon first, and then you hold the baby's hand and put the food into the mouth by hand.

Keep practicing every meal every day, and gradually your baby will awkwardly put food into her mouth with a spoon, and then slowly, you will find that she will be more and more willing to feed herself.