How to use a baby toothbrush?

At about five months, most babies will have deciduous teeth. I don’t know if anyone has observed it. Generally, babies grow out of two teeth. Then there is the upper front teeth. Many parents will buy baby toothbrush. How do you use baby toothbrushes better?

1. It is a good time for a baby to brush his teeth after the baby's teeth have grown. If only a few teeth have grown, there is no need to brush the child's teeth, because the child will not cooperate well, but will give the child's gums. It may cause injury and bleeding, so it is not recommended to brush your child's teeth for a few months.

2. After the child's teeth grow out at about one year old, he can guide the child to brush his teeth. When choosing a toothbrush for the child, it is best to choose a soft toothbrush, so that the child will not harm the teeth when brushing the teeth. It is also more comfortable to use with gums, and when buying, you should choose a toothbrush with a handle that your child can hold.

3. The third is that when children are brushing their teeth, they should teach them to brush inside and out, so that the children will have good hygiene habits, and the children will not be prone to dental caries in the future life. And when choosing toothpaste for your child, it is best to choose the flavor your child likes, so that your child will fall in love with brushing your teeth.