How to use baby carrier

Steps to use baby carrier

As we all know, the body of a baby is very delicate, and at the same time, because its bone development is not perfect, parents must be very careful when holding or taking the baby out. At this time, it is a wise choice to use a baby carrier, but for many novice parents, it is not an easy task to use a baby carrier. The following editor will organize it for parents for reference.

In daily life, parents can use the baby carrier with a lot of ease, the specific steps are as follows:

1. Adjust the size. Before use, parents should set the baby carrier to an appropriate size according to their baby's weight.

2. Try back. After the parents adjust the size of the baby carrier, they can try the back to feel their comfort and see if it is suitable.

3. Put the baby in it. After the first two steps are completed, you can put the baby in it, and adjust the baby's sitting or lying posture so that the baby is in a comfortable state.

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I believe that after reading the above three steps, parents can do it correctly under normal circumstances. But for the sake of safety and for the safety of the baby, it is easy for both the baby and the mothers to go into battle.

One to three months baby carrier chart

Under normal circumstances, when the baby is less than three months old, parents are not recommended to use the traditional baby carrier, and it is recommended that the baby lie flat, which is more conducive to the overall development of his bones. Even if it must be used, it is recommended to use a cross-body carrier . After the baby is three months old, relatively speaking, the development is more healthy, you can consider using a sling. So for a three-month-old baby, what is the sling chart that can be used?

For a three-month-old baby, a waist-stool-style sling can be used, but it is not recommended that the baby sit for a long time. This will also put pressure on the baby's spine to a certain extent, which will cause a series of problems. At this time, it is recommended that the baby use a waist stool. If you want to sit, the time needs to be controlled. At the same time, the parents also need to hold the baby's chest with their hands to give the baby an extra point of stress. In addition, it is recommended that the baby is lying down, with the help of the waist stool, so that it will not affect the baby's growth and development.

In fact, for a three-month-old baby, in addition to using a sling, it is recommended that parents use a stroller. Relatively speaking, the stroller has more space and the baby is very comfortable lying in it. At the same time, the stroller has a certain degree of strength, and the baby receives the force evenly while lying in it, and will not affect the baby's bones. From a scientific point of view, it is recommended that babies use the harness after they can sit on their own, so that they will not cause adverse effects.

Four-month baby sling sitting method

Parents who have had experience with babies know that most babies can sit independently after about seven months. Therefore, before seven months, for the health and safety of the baby, parents are advised not to try to let the baby sit up, otherwise it will easily cause unnecessary harm. So for a four-month-old baby, if you want to use a baby carrier, what should be the specific sitting method?

Nowadays, the baby carrier can be said to be another artifact of the baby, it can liberate the hands of parents to a certain extent. To a certain extent, let the parents feel more relaxed by bearing the weight on the shoulders, waist and other parts of the parents. For four-month-old babies, they do not have the ability to sit independently. Therefore, parents can use a waist stool and a full set of slings at this time. The waist stool is used for the baby to sit on, and the sling is used to protect the baby. Take it lightly. Even so, you still need to protect your baby's body with your hands, so that your baby is not too hard to protect.

In addition, parents are really worried about carrying their baby in this way. They can also consider another function of the baby carrier, which is to carry the baby. At present, many brands of baby carrier can be used to carry the baby on the back, which is relatively more reasonable and safer. At the same time, parents can also free their hands, and the baby's comfort is still good.

However, parents still need to pay attention to the time when using it. It is recommended to put the baby down to relieve it after using it for a period of time to prevent the baby from being irritable.