International Breast Milk's advice to working mothers: take care of yourself

Try to use the alarm clock to wake you up 20 minutes in advance, and then use this time to feed your baby, (even if your child is not fully awake) so that he is satisfied, you can dress yourself up and prepare things for the day, and then feed your baby again Just go out.

Arrange to sit or lie down to play with or feed your child within 30 minutes after you get home, so that the family will be more relaxed and happy, and there will be no confusion during dinner. Prepare some nutritious snacks for your baby and family at any time.

Usually your baby needs to be fed more frequently in the morning, in the evening and in the middle of the night. It is best for your baby to sleep with you throughout the night, otherwise, a short period of time every night.

Most professional women can breastfeed themselves completely during holidays. If you usually milk your milk at work, then your mother's milk is enough. (You can freeze the milk you milk when you go to work on Friday and let the nanny come to feed it on Monday.) You should keep breastfeeding on weekends. This stimulation will produce more breastmilk, and you will feel a little bloated when you go to work on Monday. Circumstances, this is more conducive to milking.

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Drink more liquid foods and eat more nutritious foods. Drink more water, juice or milk every day, and drink less foods containing caffeine (coffee, tea, cola do not exceed two or three cups a day). Chocolate and cocoa also contain chemicals similar to caffeine. Excessive caffeine consumption by mothers can cause adverse reactions in babies.

Try to participate in breastfeeding meetings: breastfeeding working mothers who are usually separated from their babies need the support of other experienced breastfeeding mothers.

The biggest problem faced by breastfeeding mothers at work is fatigue: adequate rest is better for many things and makes life more fulfilling. Remember that you have 3 roles to play: clerk, housewife, mother. Know your limits and ask for help.

Is it worth it? Would it be easier to give up breastfeeding? There was a professional woman who fed formula milk to her previous child and now this child is breastfeeding. She said: "After breastfeeding, many things have been simplified, and As soon as I get home, I will naturally spend time with my children"

Other mothers said: "Because of breastfeeding, my child gets considerable benefits both physically and mentally." Another mother said: "I don't want my baby to lose the benefits of breastfeeding because of work."

The International Breast Milk Association is a non-profit volunteer group with organizations in more than 60 countries around the world. It is the world's largest breast milk information center. We provide the latest and most accurate breastfeeding information to mothers who need to breastfeed themselves and those who support breastfeeding. Please cherish the parent-child relationship with the International Breastfeeding Association and return to natural nurturing.

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