International Breast Milk's advice to working mothers to reserve breast milk for your baby

If you are going to work and breastfeeding, then you have to know how to express breastmilk and how to store it. Your expressed breast milk can be stored as food for your baby when you go to work the next day. The expressed breast milk can keep the milk constant and avoid the pain of rising milk.

Reserve breast milk for your baby

The preciousness of breast milk is irreplaceable. When the mother is separated from the child, she is able to provide her baby with enough breast milk. What you need to know is how to store the milk properly for the baby to eat, and make sure that the nanny knows what to do with you. Breast milk coming down.

Breast milk to be consumed within three to five days can be iced in the refrigerator. If you want to keep it longer, it should be stored in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. The single door can be frozen for 2 weeks. If the freezer compartment is maintained at 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius).

Reusable Baby Food Pouch Storage Containers

Below, it can be frozen in a frequently opened double-door refrigerator for four months, and stored in a separate freezer for six months. The milk must be cooled before it can be frozen.

Use clean containers to store squeezed breast milk. Such as sterilized plastic tubes, milk bottles, and plastic milk bags.

When storing breast milk, a separate container must be used each time. When refrigerated milk is to be added with the milk in the freezer compartment, remember that the newly added milk is less than the original frozen milk, otherwise the frozen milk will be thawed by the newly added milk.

Leave some space for the breast milk container. Don't fill it too full or put the lid tightly to prevent it from freezing and bursting.

When you use a plastic bag, it is best to put it in two layers to prevent it from breaking. Squeeze out the air and leave a 1-inch gap (don’t fill it up), then put it upright, put it in a cylindrical container, stand up and shape when it freezes (if you want to store breast milk for a long time, it’s best not to use a plastic bag) .

Divide into small portions of about 2 to 4 ounces and put breast milk on ice (60 to 120CC), so that it is convenient for the nanny to feed according to the baby's food intake without wasting, and each small portion of breast milk is labeled and dated. If there are many babies being taken care of, write their names.

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