Is a Baby Food Maker better or a juicer?

Is it better to make a Baby Food Maker or a juicer? On the whole, of course, it is better to use a food supplement machine. why?

A juicer is a machine that can quickly squeeze fruit and vegetable juices from fruits and vegetables. It is generally suitable for squeezing fruit juice and soy milk. If you want to squeeze fruit juice or vegetable juice for your baby, just use the juicer directly. If you need to break some meat, the juicer generally cannot be used to break the meat, and the Baby Food Processor can grind the meat carefully.

Make some rice cereals or food supplements that need to be heated and cooked for your baby. It is best to use a Baby Food Maker. The complementary food processor stirs evenly and thoroughly, the power is stable, with high-hardness copper blades, the finished product is delicate, easy for babies to swallow, and convenient for eating. The special bottom design of the complementary food processor adopts direct steaming at the bottom, circulating in the cup, and the steam reaches the food layer directly. There is no steam transfer link, which can ensure that the food is fully heated and evenly heated in the shortest time.

To get some soup for the baby to eat, it is best to eat a Baby Food Maker. The multifunctional Baby Food Processor can directly feed the steamed soup to the baby to drink alone, or freely adjust the thinness and consistency of the supplementary food according to the baby's taste, and add it directly on the top. Let the baby fully absorb the nutrition of the ingredients.