Is a bottle warmer or a milk regulator better?

Both the bottle warmer and the milk regulator are tools used to keep milk, so is a milk warmer or a milk regulator better? Which is better, a milk warmer or a milk regulator? This requires mother to choose according to her own needs.

The baby bottle Warmer is generally a machine that puts the prepared milk or breast milk in a bottle and puts it directly into the warmer to keep it warm. The milk warmer can keep the milk at a suitable temperature all the time. When the baby wants to drink milk, take the milk out of the milk warmer and drink it. The milk warmer facilitates the baby's problem of drinking milk in cold weather and in the middle of the night, and also facilitates the mother's work, and the baby's breast milk problem. Although the milk warmer can solve the problem of cold milk, if you put the milk on the milk warmer for a long time, it will destroy the nutritional structure of the milk, and it will breed bacteria. Therefore, the bottle warmer can not be used for too long. It cannot be left for more than two hours.

Baby Instant Warmer

The milk regulator is to keep the water used to adjust the milk powder at a certain temperature to prevent the water from being too hot or cold. When the baby needs milk, just take out the water in the milk regulator and add milk powder to make it to the baby. The milk regulator can also solve the problem of baby drinking milk in cold weather and in the middle of the night, and it can maintain the best nutritional value of milk powder when you drink it. When using the milk regulator, you must pay attention to the cleanliness of the milk regulator and the milk water must be fresh and clean.

If you want to warm breast milk, it is recommended that mothers can buy a breast warmer. If you like to drink at the same time but don't want to wait for the boiling water to cool down, it is best to choose a milk regulator.

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