Is a milk storage cup or a milk storage bag better?

Is a milk storage cup or a milk storage bag better? In fact, whether it is a milk storage cup or a milk storage bag, the most important thing is practical, convenient, and economical. Is a milk storage cup or a milk storage bag better? Next, please let Mawangbaike answer it for everyone.

1. Milk storage bag: Milk storage bag, also known as breast milk preservation bag, is a plastic product used for food packaging, mainly used to store breast milk. The biggest advantage of the milk storage bag is its convenience and compactness, but its tightness depends on the quality of the product. When you need to freeze breast milk for a long time, freezing breast milk with a milk storage cup can easily damage the milk cup, but not using a milk storage bag. However, it can be discarded once used, eliminating the need for disinfection. The milk storage bag is convenient, but the milk storage bag can only be used once, which is not environmentally friendly.

2. Milk storage cup: The biggest advantage of the milk storage cup is that it can store breast milk repeatedly, which can keep the freshness for a long time, is hygienic and practical, and can be disinfected in time after use. The economical breast cup can be used repeatedly after cleaning and disinfection. If the cup is scratched, it can be replaced with a new one. The bottom of the milk storage cup and the cup cover are designed to fit and stack, and the transparent cup body can be directly marked with a pencil. There is no need to worry about the mess in the refrigerator or whether the stored food or milk is fresh. But in order to avoid breaking the milk cup, it is best for full-time nurses to buy a milk cup that is resistant to fall and lightweight. The cleaning of the breast cup is not very convenient, a bit cumbersome, and the price is higher.

Tips: Mothers can choose a milk storage bag or a milk storage cup after comparison according to their actual situation. Mothers who need to carry milk every day are best to use the milk storage cup for recycling, which is more environmentally friendly and economical and practical. It is mainly used to refrigerate breast milk. Within one year of age, because the gastrointestinal system is still fully developed, all feeding tools should be cleaned and disinfected before use.

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