Is it better to have a baby carrier with a waist stool or not?

Waist stools and baby carrier are familiar parenting tools for mothers. Using the baby carrier to carry the baby on the back of the parents can free the mother's hands and broaden the baby's field of vision, which is beneficial to both the baby and the mothers. However, some mothers are confused when choosing a baby carrier: Is it better for a baby carrier with a waist stool or not?

Comfortable Baby Carrier

Whether the baby carrier with a lumbar stool is good or not depends on the baby's situation. Normally, 3-4 months old can use the sling, but the sling for 3-6 months old is best for adults. The body contact of both parties is better. Many, make the baby feel safer, and it is convenient for parents to observe the baby's situation at any time, if the baby is uncomfortable, it can also be found in time.

The waist stool is generally more suitable for 6-month-old babies. To put it simply, the waist stool is to hang a tool similar to a stool on the waist of the parents, so that the baby and the parents can get closer, and the baby will feel very safe. . You can also make your baby face outwards, which can satisfy your baby's curiosity about the outside world.

Under normal circumstances, the harness with a waist stool can disperse the burden on the waist of the parents compared with the ordinary harness, which is more labor-saving and convenient for the parents, and is especially suitable for mothers who walk for a long time. In summer, letting the baby sit on the waist stool can further reduce the skin contact between the baby and the mother, which will make the parents and the baby more comfortable and cooler.