Is it good for babies to use a baby carrier?

In recent years, baby carriers have been favored by many young parents, but some elderly people still cannot accept them. Many families will also cause some conflicts due to this problem. So, is it good for babies to use a baby carrier? Let’s take a look at the editor of Baibai Safety Net.

According to a survey in the United States, the use of a baby carrier can save mothers from relying too much on arms, hips, baby car seats, and strollers. It is also healthy for the baby and mother: carrying the baby on the body can alleviate the mother’s postpartum depression. It is conducive to breastfeeding, is also conducive to the formation of a closer relationship between the baby and the mother, helps increase the baby's sense of security, and is also very important for the child's neurological and emotional development.

Advantages of baby carrier

1. Both hands can be free, and the action is light.

2. Bundled with the baby, the requirements for the environment are not high.

3. If a person takes the baby and carries her on his back, he can communicate with the baby while doing housework. It will not delay doing housework, and it will also strengthen the affection for the mother.

4. Carry the baby around with the sling, which can broaden his vision, give him more opportunities to contact the people around him, and also promote the development of his mind, physiology, interpersonal communication and emotions.

5. Put the crying baby in the front strap, let the baby feel the mother's body temperature, and listen to the mother's heartbeat can effectively relieve the baby's crying.

6. If you take the baby a few more steps, maybe within a few minutes, the baby will fall asleep peacefully in the strap.

7. Able to hold the baby at a low age very firmly. No matter how heavy the baby is, he walks briskly.

Disadvantages of baby carrier:

1. Mom will be very tired after a long time.

2. The heat cannot be dissipated, and both the baby and mother will feel hot.

3. It is troublesome to untie. Stairs and escalators are difficult to operate.

Different according to age

When the baby is 0-3 months old, the neck muscles have not yet developed and cannot support his head well, so the baby can be lay in a sling or a sling to sleep more securely and comfortably. .

Only when the baby can sit upright after 4-6 months can he sit safely in the kind of harness that wraps around his parents' hips. However, because the child’s neck muscles are not very strong at this time, parents should choose a face-to-face sling for the child to observe the baby’s state at any time and avoid the risk of suffocation caused by the sling squeezing the nose and mouth. You can also let your child sit in the harness face-out to satisfy the child's curiosity about the outside world.

After 1 year old, the child's head has supportive force, and the child can be carried on his back until about two and a half years old.

No more than two hours per use

It is best not to use the carrier for more than two hours at a time, because the mother’s shoulders and back will also be sore if the baby is carried on the back for a long time. When using a sling, it is best not to wear too thick clothes for the baby, so as to prevent the baby's limbs from being able to move freely.