Is it good for the baby to use the waist stool?

I believe everyone knows that taking care of a baby every day is hard work. But now there are many childcare tools on the market, such as walkers or waist stools. Since the appearance of these tools, they have relieved a lot of burdens on mothers. However, if you use these tools, you will be very worried about the impact on your baby. Let's take a look at it. Is it good for your baby to use a waist stool?

The baby waist stool is a very practical tool for parenting, especially when taking the baby out, it can liberate the two hands of Baoma, and make Baoma more relaxed. He can also take some personal belongings while holding the baby, which is a very good helper for Bao Mom. But mothers must pay attention to the safety of the baby when feeding the waist stool to the baby. Try not to hold things with both hands. Be sure to use one hand free to support the baby's back, and be careful not to let the baby turn over.

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How to use a waist stool for babies

1. Correct posture. When the baby sits on a waist stool, the thighs should be m-shaped. This posture is a bit like a frog shape. The baby is most comfortable in this posture and can effectively prevent hip dislocation. In the eyes of us adults, this kind of knowledge is not very comfortable, but it is precisely the most beneficial to the baby's growth and development and will not cause damage to the baby's bones.

2. The waist stool can only be used after learning to keep the baby in the correct posture. At this time, the baby's waist strength can support the weight of the entire body, so that it can sit completely and in a relatively stable state, and will not affect the baby's bone development.

Although the baby waist stool will bring certain benefits, it should be noted that not all months old babies can use the waist stool. Generally, it is not recommended to use the waist stool for the baby before the half-year-old. The main reason is that the baby cannot be used at this time. Sit yourself firmly. If you use the waist stool for your baby too early, it will cause unnecessary effects on the spine.