Is it normal for a two-year-old baby not to speak?

In a family, children's affairs are the most worrying for adults, especially things related to children's development, such as children who can't speak at the age of two. Usually, children start to learn Chinese at about one year old, but each child's language learning ability is different, and there may be certain differences in the age of some children's speaking. So, is it normal for a two-year-old baby not to speak? Here is the answer for everyone.

If a two-year-old child cannot say a word, it is mostly an abnormal phenomenon. There must be a reason why a two-year-old child does not speak. Parents have to take the child to the hospital for examination. If there is no physical problem, it may be caused by the growth environment.

After the child encounters some major changes, he may temporarily lose the ability to speak. For example, the person closest to him suddenly leaves, or is threatened or frightened. If the child does not know how to express his fear, he will choose Hide or vent yourself in a silent way. In this case, it is necessary for the parents to take the children with psychological counseling and treatment at the same time.

Is it normal for a two-year-old baby not to speak? If the child’s parent or one of them speaks late, and make sure that the child’s health does not show up. In this case, parents can wait patiently for a while, don't be too anxious, adjust their bodies.