Is it true that moms with a small bust have less milk?

The breast size has nothing to do with the amount of milk

The milk production workshop is the breast tissue, and the fat tissue that determines the size of the breast is two completely different departments. Fat has no milk production function, and there is no shortage of breast tissue for milk production. In other words, the big breasts just show that she has more fat, but everyone's ability to produce milk is evenly matched~

After the baby is born, the mother's brain is stimulated by sucking the nipple. According to the baby's sucking frequency, it is known that the breast glands discharge milk on demand, so the milk production process has nothing to do with the breast size. Electric Breast Pump

Breast size is related to milk storage

As we mentioned above, the milk production process has nothing to do with breast size, but the size is related to milk storage. Large breasts store more milk, and small breasts store less milk. That's it.

Therefore, breast size should not be the reason why you are entangled in whether there is milk. The important thing about breastfeeding is confidence and a good attitude. What's wrong with small breasts, baby feeding fresh and straightforward!

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How to increase the chances of breastfeeding success?

1. Make skin-to-skin contact with your baby as soon as possible. Skin-to-skin contact within 1 hour after childbirth can increase the breastfeeding success rate by more than half. Mothers must not miss this golden time.

2. Let your baby suck more nipples as soon as possible. Baby's sucking is a good way to stimulate mother's breasts to produce milk.

3. Don't always worry about milk volume. The small stomach of a newborn baby within three days after delivery is only about 5ml, which is the size of a grape. What people need is to eat less and more meals instead of breaking the stomach all at once.

4. Pay attention to adjusting your breastfeeding posture. Allow yourself to feed comfortably and your baby can drink enough milk.

5. Maintain a relaxed and happy state of mind. A lot of mental stress during breastfeeding will also affect the secretion of milk.

The amount of breast milk produced is not determined by the size, but by the emotion of the mother's love, the hormones of milk production, the acinar and gland ducts in the breast tissue, and the child's frequent sucking. As long as these four elements are available, flat-chested mothers can also raise their heads, and others can feed their babies, so can you.