Is the baby laughing while sleeping in a dream?

There are many versions of explanations for this phenomenon among the people

For the baby's snicker, some mothers think it is because the baby sleeps comfortably; some mothers say that every time the baby drank milk, he would smile with satisfaction.

There are many versions in folklore, and most of them are said to be "sleeping mother sleeps". It is rumored that there is a mother-in-law who is teaching her baby to learn skills; some people think that Zhou Gong is telling the baby a story; and some people think that the baby is sleeping while laughing. Because I won the fight with the mouse and so on.

No matter which version is somewhat mysterious, it is not judged.

Is it really because of dreams that the baby laughs and frowns while sleeping?

There is currently no research to determine whether babies will dream, but considering that babies have not been born long enough, their cognitive and thinking abilities have not yet matured, and they don’t even know who they are. Based on the limited experience of babies, there is basically not much The content can be dreaming.

Within 3 months after the baby is born, the smile is mostly physiological, at this time the baby's nervous system is not fully developed. The baby’s sleep cycle is composed of two phases, namely non-rapid eye movement sleep (also known as quiet sleep in infancy) and rapid eye movement sleep (also known as active sleep in infancy).

Babies from 4 to 6 months sleep in fragments. After a sleep cycle, they will wake up to feed and play; older babies will gradually merge their night sleep cycles, and the two will alternate during the whole sleep process.

During active sleep, the baby’s performance is particularly interesting

Facial expressions are rich. For example, when the mother sees the baby laughing; sleeping and frowning as if something is worrying; the sucking action of feeling that the baby is dreaming of eating, and may even make a sound, all appear at this stage.

Frequent physical activity. For example, the mother sometimes sees the baby twisting and twisting when sleeping (usually slowly twisting); occasionally, she may see the baby twitching suddenly and momentarily.


How to make your baby sleep well in summer

1. Babies have to work and rest regularly during the day

People's work and rest are regular, and so are babies. After 1-2 months of birth, babies generally have the distinction of day and night in eating and sleeping. Mothers should consciously make the baby's life regular, eat when it is time to eat, sleep when it is time to sleep, and play when it is time to play.

Generally speaking, babies under 3 years old can sleep for 1-2 hours each morning and afternoon. But don't let the baby sleep too much at dusk, otherwise, the baby will not be sleepy at night, and she will not want to sleep in the middle of the night, and the mother will suffer. If you want your baby to sleep well at night, you must arrange their daytime activities reasonably. If your baby is happy and tired during the day, he will naturally sleep soundly at night.

2. Create a good sleeping environment

If you want your baby to sleep well in the hot summer, mothers may wish to do a good job before going to bed and create a good sleeping environment for the baby to make it easier for the baby to fall asleep and sleep more securely.

Turn on the air conditioner first, and then relay the fan

In the hot summer, it is difficult for both adults and children to fall asleep without turning on the air conditioner, but keeping the air conditioner on for sleep is afraid that the baby will catch cold, and blowing on the air conditioner day and night is not good for the baby. At this time, you can consider the good brother of the air conditioner-the fan. Turn on the air conditioner before the baby goes to sleep, so that the baby can fall asleep faster and more comfortably, and switch to the fan after the baby is asleep, but be careful not to directly face the fan. Blow your baby!

Anti-mosquito measures should be done

In summer, nothing is more annoying than mosquitoes, and mosquitoes especially like to "kiss" little babies, leaving marks on their delicate skin. In order to prevent the baby’s sleep from being disturbed, the mother can equip the baby’s crib with a well-permeable mosquito net. In addition, you can also use baby-specific mosquito-repellent coils or mosquito-repellent coils at home to give your baby a mosquito-free home.

3. Be careful about how much you wear and how much you cover

Wear: It is best not to take off your baby's clothes when you sleep. Put on a vest or apron to protect your chest and abdomen, expose your upper limbs, and wear a pair of shorts. In this way, even if the baby does not cover the quilt or kicks the quilt, the body will not be completely exposed, reducing the chance of cold. It is better if you wear a pair of socks on your feet.

Shop: If the baby is still a small baby, do not let the baby sleep directly on the mat. You can spread items such as sheets or towels on the mat to prevent the skin from getting cold or rubbing your legs. The best way is to sew a layer of bed sheet on the mat, which not only absorbs sweat, but also cushions the hardness and coolness of the mat, and the bed sheet is sewn on the mat safely and will not cover the baby when he sleeps. Mouth and nose. Of course, children should not sleep on mats when they are sick. In addition, the sleeping mat should be checked for smoothness and no thorns to prevent burrs from scratching the baby's skin. After the child wets the bed, scrub and dry the mat in time to keep the mat clean and dry.

Cover: Towels are preferred. Remember not to take your child naked to sleep because of the heat. "Nude sleeping" can easily make your child's abdomen cold, because the child's gastrointestinal smooth muscle is more sensitive to temperature changes. Cold stimulation below body temperature can cause it to contract and cause smooth muscle spasm, especially The abdominal wall around the navel is the weak spot of the entire abdomen. It is more likely to catch cold and link the small intestine, causing paroxysmal pain in the abdomen, mainly around the navel, and diarrhea.

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