Is the baby waist stool curved or butterfly-shaped?

Waist stools with different shapes, such as arcs, circles, and butterfly shapes, are now more and more familiar to Baoma. The feeling of using waist stools with different shapes may be different. Baoma is also worried about buying a butterfly waist. Stool, I found that the curved waist stool is better to use during the use process. I plan to understand it before buying. Then, is the baby waist stool better curved or butterfly?

The butterfly-shaped and arc-shaped waist stools have their own advantages. For example, the butterfly-shaped design will be more humane, it will also be more comfortable, and it is not easy to cause harm to the hip joint development. The baby sits on the butterfly-shaped waist stool. I can feel comfortable on it. The curved waist stool also prevents the appearance of o-shaped legs, and can also make the baby sit comfortably. Whether the baby uses a butterfly waist stool or a curved waist stool, the mother can choose according to the actual situation of the baby.

Baby Carrier Wrap With Waist Stool Take Your Baby out More Convenient

When buying a Baby Carrier for your baby, you should also choose a good brand. The waist stool of a big brand will perform better in terms of design, style or other aspects. It is far more durable than the products of small brands. During the baby's use, don't worry about harming the baby.

In addition, you must pay attention to the time when using the waist stool for the baby. Do not use the waist stool for more than 2 hours each time. If it exceeds 2 hours, it may make the baby very tired. It is easy to bring great harm.

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