Is the Lactation Massager useful?

Is the Lactation Massager useful? There are many benefits to using a Lactation Massager to massage your breasts, among which the specific benefits are as follows:

1. Highlight charming curves and add feminine charm.

2. Make the breasts gradually bulge and elastic.

3. It can effectively prevent menstrual syndrome such as dysmenorrhea.

4. Let the breasts of women with flat breasts plump up again.

5. Delay breast aging and postpone the arrival of menopause.

6. Health care breasts, make breasts fuller, fuller, and feel better.

7. Balance women's endocrine disorders and prevent breast lumps and breast cancer from appearing.

8. It immediately restores the elasticity of the sagging and sagging breasts after giving birth, and makes them stand up full.

Reminder: There are many brands of Lactation Massager on the market now, but because of the different quality of the store, women should check carefully when buying Lactation Massager, otherwise it will affect the health of the breasts.

Lactation Massager Breastfeeding Postpartum Essentials

How to do breast massage in different periods?

1. Breast massage during pregnancy

Pregnant women's breast massage during pregnancy can have the effect of scientifically maintaining the breasts, dredging the mammary glands, and providing help for smooth breastfeeding in the future. The following describes the hot compress massage method:

Specific method: Dip a clean towel with some warm water, wipe from the center of the nipple to the areola in a circle, apply heat on both sides in turn, 15 minutes on each side.

2. Breast massage during lactation

Breast massage during breastfeeding is somewhat different from massage during pregnancy. Specifically, I will introduce a breast massage method during breastfeeding:

(1) Use the palm of one hand to lift the breast from the base of the breast, and use the other hand to push the thenar muscle (large muscle group at the base of the thumb) toward the nipple several times.

(2) Use both hands to gently twist the nipple for about 30 seconds.

(3) Push the thenar muscles with both hands and rub the chest for 2 to 3 minutes, from the outside to the nipple.

(4) It is advisable for the waist skin to feel warm with both hands alternately on the waist (clockwise).

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