It's easier to use a battery-powered nasal aspirator

Nasal aspirators, also called nasal mucus removers or nasal secretions aspirators, have four different designs. However, they all work on the same principle. A special nozzle is placed under the nose or inserted a little bit into the nose to suck out nasal secretions through a vacuum. The difference is how the vacuum is created. There is a device with a manual ball pump. A nasal aspirator in which a vacuum is generated through the mouth of the hose. It also provides equipment that uses battery-powered pumps as suction power and equipment that can be connected to ordinary vacuum cleaners.

The nasal aspirator connected to an ordinary vacuum cleaner is a so-called nasal aspirator. For these nasal suction devices, it is important that the secretions are not sucked away by the vacuum cleaner, but are sucked away by the support of the vacuum cleaner. Regardless of the settings on the vacuum cleaner, these devices reduce the suction power to a force corresponding to a normal blowing nose. These types of nasal aspirators are very popular because of their reliable functions.
baby nose sucker
With a battery-powered nasal aspirator, the suction power is automatically adjusted, so even deep nasal mucus can be easily removed. With accessories of different sizes, the pacifier can easily and quickly adapt to different sizes of nose.

For a nasal aspirator that sucks out nasal mucus through the mouth, two hoses are connected to each other through a small collection container. The end of one tube is placed under the nose, and the second tube is used to suck out nasal secretions through the mouth. One disadvantage of these pacifiers is that it is difficult to talk to the baby comfortably with the tube in the mouth. A well-known device for this type of nasal aspirator is the nosefrida nasal secretion aspirator.

In terms of application and structure, the simplest nasal aspirator is a manual nasal aspirator, where the vacuum is generated by a simple ball pump. First push an air-filled rubber ball together to suck out the nasal mucus. Then loosen the grip more or less quickly, allowing air to flow back into the ball and suck the secretions out of the nose. These nasal aspirators are especially suitable for easy-flowing secretions, and the suction is easy to adjust. The NAM primamma nasal aspirator is one of the popular nasal aspirators of this type.

Whether you choose a nasal aspirator with a ball pump or a nasal aspirator, there is nothing to consider when buying a nasal aspirator. However, there are two points to consider.

Accessory or nozzle

The shape of the attachment should be round, without sharp edges. The size of the attachment must match the size of the child's nose. It is ideal if the manufacturer provides accessories of different sizes at the same time. This means that the nasal aspirator can be used for many years. Accessories made of transparent plastic are also very practical, allowing simple observation of the composition of nasal mucus. Of course, the accessory should be plasticizer-free, that is, BPA-free.

Easy to clean and disinfect

The easier it is to disassemble the nasal aspirator after use, and the more parts, the easier it is to clean. Individual parts only need to be rinsed under running water. It should then be possible to sterilize the components of the nipple for optimal hygiene, so that the bacteria will not spread again and again, and the intolerable cold will be overcome as quickly as possible.