Know when to feed supplementary food from your baby's movements

1. If you have support, you can sit.

2. You can play with your fingers or start catching your feet.

3. It can support the weight of the object.

4. You can start touching foreign objects with your hands.

5. When I see a stranger, I feel nervous. When you see a familiar face, you will immediately smile.

6. You can slowly control the nutritional needs of your muscles and nervous system.

According to recent surveys, if your baby is 6-8 months old, if you only take breast milk, your baby will absorb about 50% less zinc, iron, magnesium, fluoride, vitamin D, vitamin B6, Vitamin E, phosphatase, biotin and vitamin B1. Therefore, experts suggest that infants should be given food supplements to meet their nutritional and energy needs, and they should be encouraged to eat foods with different tastes and structures.

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However, in the first stage, the baby's digestive system is not fully developed and their stomachs are still small, so this initial supplementary food should be nutritious and easy to digest.

In fact, the addition of sugar to the baby's supplementary food does not have any special effect. However, as a condiment containing natural carbohydrates, sugar can provide enough energy for babies as weaning food. However, it should be noted that high intake of sugar can raise blood pressure and have long-term effects on teeth and weight problems.

Salt in the body plays an important role in balancing fluids and blood pressure. But babies have restrictions on the amount of salt. Therefore, the amount of salt intake by infants should be moderate.

In short, breast milk and milk powder are still the most important part of the baby's diet. And solid food is just a supplement of nutrition and energy. The original solid food is a carrier for babies to adapt to different tastes, structures and spoons.

The baby's initial daily diet should meet the following requirements:

1. The total energy should reach 550-770 calories per day.

2. The protein absorbed per day should reach 9-14g

3. Fat should account for 35-55% of the total daily energy.

4. There are no special requirements for carbohydrates, but sugars should be controlled within 10% of the total energy.

5. Low salt content.

6. Avoid foods that may cause allergies.

7. First of all, only mild food ingredients should be used.

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