Let the maternal and infant rooms become the standard of a civilized city

On May 31, 2021, the three-child policy was officially released. Measures to pay attention to and encourage childbirth have also been introduced.

From the trouble of travel to personal dignity, mothers carrying milk and mothers with babies on the go are increasingly becoming a concern of the new generation of consumers. This is in addition to the education and nurturing that causes fertility difficulties, a little pain and trouble point that mothers can encounter at any time but cannot express.

Recently, many sources reported that 271 stations on the Beijing Metro have added maternity and infant facilities and 7 independent maternity and infant rooms. The establishment of maternal and infant facilities and maternal and infant rooms across the country has begun to accelerate, and efforts have been made to improve measures from all aspects to increase the willingness of the right-age population to bear children.

Guangzhou is the country's first city to introduce local regulations on breastfeeding, and it is also the country's first city with full coverage of maternal and infant rooms in key public places. As of early 2020, 963 maternity and infant rooms in public places have been built. In 2020, Guangdong issued the first city standard "Guangzhou Public Places Maternal and Child Room Construction Standards". To help mothers find their mother and child rooms quickly, the Guangzhou City Life Map has been launched in 377 public places in the city. Location data, just tap the screen, you can find the nearest mother and baby room. "

Moms with babies want to have an ideal maternal and infant room: independent and private quiet space + pure water dispenser + baby wipe warmer + tidying table + breastfeeding sofa + baby carriage + hand washing station + air conditioning + air disinfection and purification + easy operation and smart Chemical facilities.

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But the fact is: the mother-child rooms of community hospitals are often not enough, the mother-child rooms of shopping malls are hidden too deep, and the mother-child rooms of high-speed rail may not even have chairs. According to the legislation, for public properties of more than 10,000 square meters, maternal and infant rooms of no less than 10 square meters must be built. However, in office buildings, shopping malls, airports, high-speed rails, hospitals, and parks in tier-1, tier-2 and tier-3 cities, where there are a large number of maternal and child users and parent-child users, China needs more than 100,000 maternal and infant rooms, which are used more than once a year. 146 million.

Hua Limei, president of the Yuxi Breastfeeding Promotion Association, said: "The maternal and infant room, a place where the'exposure' is not so strong but the demand is high, can better see the humanistic sentiment and civilization of a city. In fact, as long as there is A small space can provide a lot of convenience for mothers. For example, a mobile breastfeeding space can be set up on the bus, and a temporary breastfeeding room can be set up in the fitting room of a shopping mall. It is expected that the mother and baby room will become a'standard' in public places as soon as possible.