Make good use of video chat to make your baby and family closer

Of course, video chat not only allows babies to learn things, but also connects them with family members who are not around.

Even babies who can't speak yet will build closer relationships with their family members in video chats.

The vision and cognitive development of the newly born baby is not enough. They cannot see and recognize the people on the screen, and cannot understand the information in the video chat. However, the baby can recognize the people he knows through voice and gradually become familiar with him. Interactive sound; sound can play a role in emotional positioning.


By 17 months, the baby can gradually recognize a certain fixed person in the video chat, and can interact with each other, and at the same time can apply the interactive methods learned in the video chat to real life.

If you establish some fixed ways of chatting with your baby at this time, such as funny greetings and exaggerated actions, your baby will remember each other better.

If the mother wants to return to work or travel on business, she can also make good use of video chat to cultivate relationships with her baby and relieve her separation anxiety.

Especially when the separation time is long, the baby will inevitably be depressed or have a temper when looking for the mother. At this time, parents can use video calls to soothe their children's emotions, such as chatting with the baby: find out what the child has eaten today. food? What fun did you play? And you can share with your children the interesting things you have encountered when going out, and talk about things that your children might be interested in.

The most important thing is that you must express your thoughts to your child and let the child know that although the mother is not with the baby, the mother misses the baby all the time.

Not only that, video chat doesn't need to be limited to "chat". There are many things in life that can be done through video chat, such as telling a story to a baby through a mobile phone.