Mom will be jealous after Dad’s little lover is born

There is a Chinese saying that "a daughter is a caring little padded jacket for parents". This sentence is really true, because daughters take care of others compared to sons. Many daughters like to be with their fathers, and at the same time they should. Don't believe the phrase "the little lover of my father's previous life", you will believe it after you give birth to a daughter.

When going to bed at night, my daughter also likes to let her father sleep with his arms around. Maybe it's the father who sleeps with his arms around and sleeps more sweetly. The two father and daughter we are going to introduce today have a very good relationship, and the sleeping positions of these two are also particularly funny. The daughter always sleeps on the father, maybe the father is softer, more comfortable, and more secure.

Mother Bao woke up in the morning and saw that her daughter and the child's father were still asleep, and couldn't bear to disturb them, but their sleeping posture also made this mother jealous in an instant. My husband used to put his arms around him to sleep. Ever since he gave birth to a "little lover", he has hugged his daughter to sleep every day, so I feel so sad that he wants to cry.

But my mother still loves her daughter the most. Although she is jealous, she is also very pleased that the relationship between the father and daughter can be so good. We can see that this baby is wearing a very nice dress and is sleeping with his father's arm. It seems that it is really fragrant to sleep with his father.

But when the baby sleeps, he is not honest and always moves, but the baby can always snuggle up to his father's side. I was sleeping with my father's arm just now, and after a while, I saw that the baby had changed to sleep in a different position.

The sleeping position this time is also special. The baby puts his little feet on his father's chest, as if to say to his father, do you see my little feet smelling? This scene is really funny.

Soon after, I saw the baby changed another position. This time it was even more straightforward. The baby pressed his whole body on his father's body, and then put his feet on his father's face. But at this time, his father was not awakened, but instead seemed to sleep better.

It turns out that my daughter's feet still have so much magic power. After a while, the baby changed another position. This time the baby was snuggling in his father's arms, and his father was hugging her. It was really a very touching scene. The father's love for his daughter was really deep. The daughter changed so many positions in sleep, but she still didn't disturb her father's sleep.

This situation happened to be photographed by Bao's mother, and at the same time, Bao's mother was very jealous. Her mother also said that she gave her husband a lover, and then her husband would not belong to her in the future. It seems that this mother's joke also just confirms that her daughter is really the intimate little quilted jacket of her father.

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