Moms should teach babies to experience the fun of outdoor activities

Not only must babies enjoy the joy of eating, they must also be taught to experience the joy of outdoor activities. The baby after 6 months has been able to sit very steadily, allowing him to sit on the lawn and enjoy the sounds of birds. This kind of environment will make babies feel like they have entered a wonderful fairy tale world, rather than in a small world built for themselves. You can also take your baby to the park to play, but only in the morning. Because many older children come to the park to play games in the afternoon, which is very unsafe. Nowadays, the courtyards of many families are not very safe, and it is impossible to let the baby lie in the stroller and take a nap outside, so many mothers still have to keep the baby in the house. But for babies after 6 months, it is best to spend more than 3 hours outdoors every day. Don't just let him sit on the stroller, choose a safe place to put him on the ground, let him sit or crawl to play. Babies like to watch other children play very much. If there is a place for children to play near the residence, you can take the baby to a safe place to watch. But when measles is prevalent, it is best not to be close to other children.

When the air bath cannot be taken outdoors, the baby can be allowed to take a naked air bath indoors, but the room temperature must be kept at about 20°C. Some babies who insist on doing baby gymnastics do not like to do it after 6 months. If this is the case, you can stop doing gymnastics and switch to a game that the baby likes to move the whole body.

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