Multi-function baby cooking machine to make delicate food supplement

The Baby food processor has many functions, such as juicing, stewing, steaming, stirring, grinding, etc. Some have the function of juicing and stirring, and some have the function of cooking and stirring, which is a good helper for making baby food supplement. The complementary food cooking machine with juice extraction function is actually equivalent to the usual juicer. The complementary food cooking machine is a collective name for a variety of cooking machines with different functions. The food produced by the Baby food processor is more delicate, which is very suitable for feeding the baby.

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If you want to make potato and chicken mash for your baby, parents need to chop up chicken for the baby. It is acceptable for a day and a half, but the baby’s supplementary food is not a matter of one or two days. It's not realistic. It can only be made with a Baby food processor. Of course, the food made by the food machine is quite delicate. You can rest assured that you can eat it for your baby without worrying about choking.

The baby will start to add complementary foods after 6 months, because the milk can no longer meet the needs of growth and development. What kind of food is the most suitable for such an immature baby? Of course, it is easy to swallow and easy to digest. Easy-to-swallow food means that the food must be very delicate, so that the baby can eat and fill easily. This requires the help of complementary food cooking machines, but there are many brands of complementary food cooking machines with inconsistent functions. How should I pick the one I like?

Whether the food is delicate

I bought a Baby food processor because the food becomes delicate after passing through the machine, and the baby is easy to eat and will not choke. Generally look at the blades of the food processor. If the blades are sharper and the number of blades is large, the food will be fully stirred and will be much more delicate.

Is the food processor safe and non-toxic

The material of the machine that is in close contact with food must be safe and non-toxic. Pay attention to the material when choosing a food processor. It is best to choose food-grade plastic and avoid chemical substances.

Is it easy to clean

Generally speaking, the structure of cooking machines is relatively simple. Generally, blades and various cups need to be cleaned. However, in some cooking machines with complex structures, it depends on whether some parts can be detached and cleaned, or whether it is convenient to clean. More tangled.