Nasal aspirators for babies in different designs

Nasal aspirators ensure that your baby can breathe freely again, sleep peacefully and can be fed without any problems. In all variants, a spout is placed under the nose or inserted into the nose and the annoying mucus is pumped out via a vacuum generated. The respective nasal aspirators differ mainly in the creation of the vacuum. There are not only electric nasal aspirators but also manual nasal aspirators.

Baby Nose Cleaner

The electric nasal aspirators include the nasal vacuum cleaner and the battery-operated nasal aspirator. With the nasal vacuum cleaner, the nasal aspirator is simply connected to a commercially available vacuum cleaner. The attached suction cup then automatically reduces the corresponding suction force and can be adjusted as required. The battery-operated nasal aspirator also removes mucus electrically from the nose. Battery operated, it creates a vacuum that gently removes the mucus. The nasal aspirator with battery looks like an ear thermometer. The manual pedants can do without electricity. For example, with the oral suction device, the nasal secretion is sucked off through your mouth with the help of two hoses and a collecting container. One end of the tube is your mouth and the other end is gently held under your child's nose. Last but not least, the nasal aspirator range also includes the classic ball pump. Squeezing the pump ball creates a vacuum, which then sucks the nasal secretion out of the nose when the ball is released. This method is particularly suitable if the secretion is still quite liquid. In addition to the different designs, you can of course also get your nasal aspirator in different colors - e.g. for your boy or girl.