Necessities for baby feeding

1. Necessities for the baby in direct contact

Two or three feeding bottles: The material of the feeding bottle is best made of heat-resistant glass, which is easy to wash and easy to boil in boiling water. The capacity is 250~300ml, and the mouth is big and round.

Three or four pacifiers: Choose one that is soft in texture and the same size as the mother’s nipple. The eyes on the pacifier should not be too large or too small. Turn the bottle upside down so that the milk will drip naturally. Now there is a kind of artificial pacifier, which is very similar to the mother's nipple, and it is easy for the baby to suck it.

Small baby bottle: used to feed juice and plain water.

2. Auxiliary necessities for indirect use

Measuring spoon and spatula.

Milk powder box.

Food box: Put the milk making utensils together for easy use.

Pacifier cover: It needs to be able to be boiled in boiling water.

Bottle brush.

Long chopsticks and bottles.

Plates or basins, enamel plates.

Wipe cloth.

Detergent for baby bottles.

UV light sanitizer box: The steamer can also be replaced by an ordinary pot, but it must be kept clean and hygienic.