What's wrong with newborn babies not taking breast milk?

Premature babies do not eat breast milk

If the baby is a premature baby, then all aspects will be immature, the physique is relatively weak, the ability to suck the nipples is relatively poor, it is difficult to eat breast milk, naturally it will eat slowly or refuse breast milk. In response to this situation, parents can express breast milk, use a spoon to feed the baby, and wait for the follow-up to observe the baby's milk drinking, and then choose a suitable feeding method.

Caesarean section baby does not eat breast milk

Caesarean section babies are born through surgery. The amniotic fluid in the esophagus is not squeezed out through the birth canal. This will affect the baby’s swallowing. On the other hand, the baby will not feel hungry and will naturally stop taking breast milk. Therefore, parents should help. The baby discharges the amniotic fluid mucus, let the baby lie on his side, see the mucus flowing out of the corner of the mouth, wipe it with a medical cotton swab dampened with warm water.

Mother's cause

1. Lack of milk

Some mothers gave the baby formula milk in a bottle before the baby was born or there was not enough milk. After the 2-3 days, when the milk is sufficient, the baby is not willing to take breast milk. . In fact, half an hour after the baby is born, it is necessary to let the baby suck as soon as possible, so that the baby can be familiar with the mother, and can also help breastfeeding as soon as possible.

2. Nipples are too small

If the mother’s nipples are too small or too short, the baby will always be unable to hold the nipples, it will inevitably be upset and cry and refuse to drink. In this case, mothers can pull the nipple before feeding, or use a Breast Pump to help pull it. You can also use your index finger and middle finger to gently clamp the top of the areola during breastfeeding to make the nipple as prominent as possible.

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3. The milk is too flush

Some mothers give off milk very quickly and often. At this time, the baby is easily choked because of insufficient swallowing. After several repetitions, the baby will become afraid of drinking milk and refuse to take it. It is recommended that mothers use index and middle fingers to clamp the breasts in a scissors shape when breastfeeding to control the flow rate of the milk. Mothers with a lot of milk should also drink as little soup as possible.