On what criteria should you choose your electric breast pump?

When you buy an electric breast pump, you need to make your choice based on a few criteria. First, you can focus on the suction strength of the device. The best is to turn to a model with an adjustment. So you can express your milk gently and slowly or quickly and a little painful.

Then there are different built-in options depending on the model and brand. It is possible to use a stopwatch. Also, the mechanism automatically stops after a certain time. This option is very interesting if you want to express the milk while going about your business. There will therefore be no risk of overflow or forgetting.

Finally, there is a separate category of electric breast pump, which is the double pump breast pump. It allows you to extract milk from your breasts simultaneously. This saves time when you're in a rush to get to work or do your regular grocery shopping by leaving baby with a nanny or nursery. Be aware that it is possible to increase the suction speed of the device, but it becomes painful. With two pumping systems at the same time, you can extract the maximum amount of milk in less time with a lower suction intensity.