Our powerful UV disinfection box can help you solve many problems

What is a disinfection cabinet? UV disinfection box is an efficient disinfection tool. In addition to the disinfection of baby products, it can also disinfect other items, such as underwear, toys, adult products, etc. This sterilizer uses ultraviolet rays and ozone to kill bacteria and germs. The advantages of this multi-functional ultraviolet sterilizer: fast sterilization, 99.9% sterilization rate, multi-function, portable. It can also disinfect your masks, disposable masks, N95 masks, KN95 masks, etc. So you can reuse the mask.

UV Light Sanitizer Box UV Sterilizer

How does the UV sterilizer work?

Due to ultraviolet rays and ozone, the ultraviolet germicidal field works. First of all, ozone can disinfect almost all bacteria and viruses. For example, the disinfection rate of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli is as high as 99.9%. In addition, ozone will automatically decompose into oxygen within 30 minutes. This is very safe. At the same time, ultraviolet rays can also kill germs and bacteria. UVC wavelength light can destroy the DNA molecular structure of bacteria. So as to achieve the effect of sterilization.

Features of our UV disinfection box:

1. Protection mode: If you accidentally open the sterilization box cover during work, the ultraviolet lamp will automatically stop running. This protects the eyes and skin from ultraviolet radiation.
2. Efficient sterilization: dual sterilization function (ultraviolet rays + ozone). In addition, the mirror reflection enhances the disinfection effect.
3. Multifunctional: It can sterilize nail art tools, beauty tools, toys, underwear, adult products, glasses, razors and other items. The UV sterilizer can also sterilize your masks, disposable masks, N95 masks, KN95 masks, etc. So you can reuse the mask.
4. Simple and convenient to use: USB charging; one-key operation; portable. You can use it at home or while traveling.
5. Long life: high-quality ultraviolet disinfection lamp is used. And the life span exceeds 10,000 hours.
6. Beautiful design: artificial leather design. Fashion Classic!