Parents don’t brag about how well the children are raised

Did you raise the child well? As a parent, there is no need to talk about it to see if there are these signs in the child?

1. Does the child love her mother from the heart?

Does your child love you? If the answer is love, then ask mothers to ask yourself whether your child depends on you, or loves you from the heart, considers you, and loves you.

If a child really has a mother in his heart, he will be restrained. Before doing something, he will think about it. If my mother knows about it, will he blame me?

Indeed, such children generally do not do any bad things. They will also work hard because they realize that it is not easy for their mothers. They will turn their love into a motivation to make their mothers happy, and make themselves the spiritual pillar of their mothers. Become the backbone of the family, and eventually become the backbone of this society.

Of course, such a child is the result of a mother's cultivation. Such a child must have a practical mother who is gentle on the outside and strong on the inside.


2. The child will take the initiative to take care of the housework

A child who can do housework is full of both physical and mental kinetic energy. They are more responsible, and the road to realizing their ideals will be smoother in the future.

This is far more capable of adapting to society than being regarded as a little emperor and raising a child with a stronger heart. Of course, children who can and can do housework have a stronger sense of security, and their happiness index is always higher. No less.

In fact, we think those things in the kitchen are quite simple, but the process of doing this is a process of changing the brain. During the process, they exercised the coordination of hands and brain, learned to observe and think, of course, when using tools, In the process of making food, a lot of wisdom can be derived, and the child's overall planning ability can be exercised. These are all ignored by parents.

3. Children are willing to share their thoughts with their mothers

A child who dares to talk to his mother is full of security, and their mental health is healthier, and this is a typical manifestation of a good mother.

You must know that many children are afraid of their parents and resist communicating with their parents, because they know that their parents will not understand themselves, and they may also cause their parents to scold and dissatisfied with them. Parenting methods that cannot allow children to open their hearts, even if you boast a flower, this is not a good education.

I remember that Li Jianjian in the TV series "In the Name of the Family" actually announced the joy of his growth in front of his family---I have menstruation, and I have grown up. Behind this frankness is the family's tolerance and trust in themselves, and this is the accumulation of emotions that parents have for themselves for a long time, which can't deceive people.

Compared to the children who close the door as soon as they go home, is this kind of family a bit envious of us, and even some people have tears in their eyes?

4. Dare to fail and continue to challenge

A child’s adverse quotient is more important than emotional quotient or IQ. If your child has become more frustrated and courageous since childhood, congratulations, your child’s future is boundless.

Most of these children have leadership qualities. They are never discouraged in the face of difficulties and never give up. They are willing to work hard for what they like, they dare to fail, and they are willing to use hard training to get the best results.

If the child can do the above points, we want to congratulate the child’s parents. You are really good at teaching your children. If your child can’t do it, the parents don’t worry. You can rely on your own continuous learning to make yourself a better child. Excellent qualified parents.

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