Parents should pay attention to the 4 changes when the baby is ten months old

The baby will have a relatively stable growth period from birth, that is, from 0 to 10 months. During this period, the baby mainly eats and sleeps, and the body grows and develops rapidly. In fact, as long as you take care of them in these two aspects Well, the mothers have nothing else to worry about. But starting from the tenth month, the baby has entered another growth stage. In this growth stage, the baby has 4 critical periods to pass, and these critical periods are particularly important for the child and need help from family members. They get through it smoothly.

1. Weaning period

Although breastfeeding is very healthy and beneficial to a child, it does not mean that the longer breastfeeding time is, the better. Generally, when the baby is between 10 months and one year old, the baby should be slowly weaned. In order to prevent the baby from crying, many mothers may continue to lengthen the weaning time, but this is actually detrimental to the baby's nutrition, health and gum development. During this weaning period, the child may be more uncomfortable, and may also become thinner and anorexia. People in that family have to constantly try new complementary foods for the child to adjust their daily diet. baby bottle warmer

2. Limb movement development period

Before ten months, the baby was basically lying down and sitting, but since ten months, the baby has started to develop some large-scale physical movements, such as large-scale crawling, or staggering. Of standing. But because the baby's leg support is not very strong at this time, it is often easy to fall or fall. At this time, the family should take care of it, otherwise the baby is prone to bumps or falls.

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3. Basic period of language development

Around this time, children’s language skills began to sprout, and they could simply say some common vocabulary, such as mom and dad, grandparents, etc. At this time, family members need to communicate with the children more, instill a lot of simple and easy-to-learn vocabulary into the children, and guide the children to speak more, which is helpful to the children's language ability learning. Reading some stories to your child before going to bed, or playing some relaxing music are good choices.

4. Dangerous period

After ten months, the child's curiosity and hands-on ability will be enhanced, so the baby will continue to explore the outside world, which may constantly touch or pull various things. At this time, many dangerous goods should be kept away from the baby, and try to keep them out of contact with things that may cause harm to them, especially some items that children can grab and swallow at will.

When the baby is ten months old, they start another growth stage. In this rapid growth stage, family members are required to accompany the child through the above four key periods.

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