Please pay attention to a blocked nose in babies

The noses of babies, infants and toddlers are clogged seven to ten times a year from colds or colds on average. Not only do the little ones suffer from shortness of breath and loss of appetite, the parents' nights also become a nightmare. Dangerous complications from untreated rhinitis such as otitis media, bronchitis or sinus infections are also possible.

Babies suffer more from red noses than adults because the olfactory organ is still small, so it swells more quickly and the nasal cavities quickly clog - mucus, pus and discharge are visible signs. In addition, toddlers almost exclusively breathe through their noses.

infant nasal aspirator

Every health professional knows why breathing freely (through the nose) is so important. If the breath can flow in and out through the nose, the air is cleaned, humidified and preheated. The respiratory muscles are strengthened by breathing through the nose, the air flow can pass through the nose past nerve fibers that support the breathing mechanics and create well-being.

If the nose is blocked, it will quickly be over. Adults can then ensure good ventilation and drainage of secretions by taking short-term decongestant nasal drops, sprays or gels - usually prescribed by a doctor and not longer than a week, as otherwise the nasal mucous membranes can adjust to them and become dependent. However, this is difficult with infants and toddlers, who usually defend themselves violently and screaming against the dropping.

However, if the baby's and children's colds are not treated quickly, painful and risky consequences can occur, such as bronchitis, sinus infections or otitis media. The trailblazer for this is the swollen nasal mucosa. The nasal secretion that is produced in the sinuses can no longer drain and builds up. This causes headache, abdominal pain, nausea and diarrhea from swallowing secretions.

The solution and prevention is the gentle and safe removal of nasal secretions (nasal mucus) using the specially developed nasal aspirator. No more nasal congestion with baby rhinitis means free breathing for your baby or toddler and thus a peaceful sleep (also for the parents!).