Portable breast warmer more than just let the milk get hot

For many mothers who cannot provide breast milk in time due to work reasons, they can only pump breast milk in advance and store it in the refrigerator. But when feeding the baby, heating breast milk has become a problem again. It is definitely not possible to directly use the stove or microwave to heat it. Therefore, a breast warmer is still necessary!

Milk Cyan Portable Bottle Warmer

The reason why I chose this Portable bottle warmer at first was that it can be carried around. It can be used with a bottle warmer that does not require water, ordinary power banks or mobile phone plugs. Then measure the size again, whether it is also Can it fit into the baby easily?

I first measured the overall size of the breast warmer, as shown in the picture! I put the milk warmer into the bag, the stroller shelf and the car's built-in shelf (some cars are suitable). The result is very easy to put in it, it is very convenient to carry it out~

Moms who have taken a baby out alone should have experienced this kind of trouble, that is, the big and small bags are all the baby's supplies, and each piece should not be dropped to avoid being confused when it is not found. Therefore, for the carrying of the breast warmer Convenience requirements are still very high! In this round of testing, we can see that the breast warmer is really small and does not occupy a lot of space. It is more convenient to carry when going out, and it is also very convenient to use the power bank, so there is no worry about going out~