Precautions for taking children on an airplane

Nowadays, with more and more parents taking their children to play, airplanes have become a common means of transportation, but children will inevitably feel uncomfortable during the flight. Therefore, when taking an airplane, parents should give full consideration to flying for their children. Some problems.

1. Focus on health

Ascending and descending airplanes will seriously affect the child's ear canal and Eustachian tube. If your child is easily infected or shows signs of infection, it is best to see a doctor before leaving. He will tell the parents if the child can fly. Before taking off or landing, prepare some drinks and food for the child to chew, which can prevent the eardrum from rupturing. If your child’s ears are very sensitive, the doctor will not let you take your child on an airplane and recommend other travel tools.

2. Suitable seats

Buy or borrow from a friend a device that can restrain the child, this is because the safety belt on the plane is specially designed for the elderly and adults. Your little baby may not be confined in the seat belt. When the plane bumps and turbulence around, it may be very dangerous for the child. A child restraint device will make him feel very comfortable, and when the child is safe, the parent can relax.

3. Toy selection

Children will not have a lot of space to play, and bumps and bumps may be frequent, so it is best to choose soft toys without sharp edges. The coffee on the plate or on the side of the table can easily be poured onto the child's head, so there is no need to let the child walk around during the flight.

4. Snacks and drinks

Bring an empty glass and ask the flight attendant for water, juice or milk. During takeoff and landing, encourage your child to drink to help them avoid the effects of atmospheric pressure on their ears. If you want some snacks that can be packed, peanuts are the most popular snacks. But peanuts may have a risk of suffocation, especially in excited young children.

Generally speaking, it is sufficient to take your child on an airplane and pay attention to the above 4 points. However, on an airplane, the child will inevitably cry because of discomfort. It is best for parents to prepare in advance to help the baby relieve the discomfort.