Precautions for weaning

For the baby

❈Is there already the ability to eat other foods:

Including the use of baby bottles, if you switch to artificial feeding, you must use a nipple baby bottle; including food conversion such as eating mushy food or even solid food;

❈Have you cultivated an interest in eating other foods:

At least the baby is not disgusted, fearful, or repulsive when seeing these foods;

❈It must be gradual and subtle, so as to moisturize things silently:

It seems a bit mysterious, but in fact, it is necessary to pay attention to the baby's psychology, and don't cause the baby to cry all day and night;

❈Choose a good time:

Do not wean your baby when you are sick, and try not to wean your baby in summer and winter, even when the weather is bad.


For mom

❈Don't blindly adopt quick-acting weaning methods;

❈Don't use brutally harmful weaning methods (such as applying irritants such as chili water, margarine oil or coptis on the nipples, which is no different from cruel "torture");

❈Pay attention to the scientific method of milk recovery: it is best to return milk naturally or weaned naturally; in other situations, milk recovery foods can be used, such as raw malt or fried malt.

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